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Originally Posted by RTFirefly View Post
Also, IIRC, there was nothing binding about the original referendum. If so, how can it be an abridgment of democracy to hold another referendum?
I guess I don't understand why they didn't do a second referendum that laid out the more nuanced options for Brexit to the public, if they were having issues actually figuring out what they would do. Couldn't they have had a second, follow up referendum detailing the various options, and, perhaps, another option which was something along the lines of remain in the EU for now while we work out an actual plan to get out down the road? That way all the options were part of the original, very vague referendum (hard to believe that they really had one that was essentially leave or stay ) but to refine what, exactly, people were voting for. Because it seems to me that the leave folks were very divided in what that means. I suspect that if they had crafted the original referendum into a more nuanced list there wouldn't have been sufficient votes to do anything but stay.

I'm assuming that it's too late to do something like this now, and it seems the punt option is off the table, though honestly, as someone not from the UK but who has quite a few friends who are, it seems to me the best of bad options would be to basically go back to the EU, say the UK will simply remain in while it tries to come up with a comprehensive plan to leave at some future date, then go back to the UK and basically say there will be no Brexit without an actual plan to leave. If said plan never happens, well, them's the breaks kiddies...learn to play nice and know what you are asking for.

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