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I'm probably one of the laziest individuals on the planet.

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2) I don't care about various kinds of mess. As in, I don't care that the room is messy, and thus don't bother to clean it. I and the room achieve a homeostasis where the room is not bad enough to bother me and I have more time to do other, more entertaining things. Of course other people (crazy people) might disapprove of empty cardboard boxes stacked up waiting for me to decide they're in the way, or of dust and detrius accumulating into Dust Bunnies of Antioch around the edges of counters and hallway floors. Anything that actually matters is kept clear and clean and sanitary, but if its not in the way and I don't come into contact with it it's left free to develop sentience if it chooses.
All of the above, I would reckon not a bad trait; but virtue.