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Originally Posted by Hari Seldon View Post
The Supreme Court has taken up two cases; one a Democrat gerrymandering of MD and a Republican gerrymandering of NC. Both are apparently fairly egregious and the fact each party is involved gives them cover that their decision will not be partisan. AFAIK, the Republicans will suffer more from ending it.

I really would like to see their reasoning if they decide the two cases differently; that the MD one is illegal, but the NC one legal. But I really cannot see them doing that. And I also cannot see why they are allowing this if all they want to do is affirm the status quo.

Interesting times.
With Kavanaugh replacing Kennedy, the Court may decide to put the final nail in the coffin for political gerrymandering cases and say that they are non justiciable political questions.

In case you think that is an outrageous result, shortly after the founding, many states elected Congressmen at-large, meaning a slate of Congressman were voted on throughout the state. That system would give Maryland ALL Democrats.