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RingsOfPylon, you're not speaking for all cis women. Not by a long shot.

Leaving trans out of it entirely: yesterday I was in a grocery store and went to use the restroom, only to find a couple of other balked people outside it and a tape across the door saying 'cleaning in progress'. A male store employee was visible through the door with cleaning gear. (He was taller than I am. I'm a bit shy of 5'2" and almost everyone over 12 and under 80, of any gender, is taller than I am.)

I said to the person in front of me that I had no objection to using a bathroom stall with a door on it while the person cleaning kept right on cleaning the rest of the place. She agreed with me wholeheartedly. We would both have rather done so than waited another ten minutes to pee. (I don't, of course, know for certain that she was cis. I certainly am. It's true I've never had a DNA check, but I sure pass the history-of-bad-periods one.)

I acknowledge that there are people who are disturbed by the possibility of having a person in the bathroom who looks like they're another gender; and for that matter that there are people who've had life experiences that provide them reason for that. But that's going to happen even under the law you're proposing, and probably more often. Have you missed the fact that there are also transmen? A law saying that everyone must use gender as on the birth certificate means that they'd all have to use the women's rest rooms. The number of such people who look male as they walk through a restroom door has got to be larger than the number of transwomen who look male as they do so; because transwomen who are going to use the women's john are almost certainly presenting as female. If you want everyone in the women's john to look female, then you want transpeople to use the restroom according to the gender they're presenting as, not the one according to their birth certificate.