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Originally Posted by Steve McQwark View Post
Pardon my ignorance, but what does "share a room in their chambers" mean? Are all UK barristers considered independent even if they work for a firm or is it two barristers who happen to share office space to save on rent?

Barristers aren't in professional partnerships, unlike solicitors in the U.K., and lawyers in North America. They can share chambers on a contractual basis, hire support staff jointly, and so on, but they're not partners.

They're retained in a case-by-case basis by the solicitor who acts for the litigant. They don't have a direct contractual relationship with their litigant client.

It's a system that is designed to encourage independence on the part of barristers.

It also means that two barristers may be in the same chambers, but they're not partners or employees, so can act without the sort of restriction that applies to lawyers in a partnership.

While that means that there may not be a professional bar to two barristers in the same chambers acting against each other, there still would be a professional duty of confidentiality to their clients, which could take some managing if they're in the same chambers.
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