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Originally Posted by Broomstick View Post
It would still be a minority interpretation of a common English world.
Or you could just admit you were wrong.
But that’s my point: if a minority of dictionaries list it that way, then I wasn’t wrong; the poster who stated that it’s listed as derogatory in any dictionary was wrong, and should’ve made some other claim instead.

If a guy says something that’s incorrect, and I reply that the statement is incorrect, and you feel like jumping in to ask me to admit that I was wrong, you should maybe stop to note that, no, my correct reply isn’t the problem; the incorrect statement was the problem, not the response that points it out.

Because referring to fellow human beings as being "illegals" is derogatory and dehumanizing and is a favorite tactic of those who want to scapegoat/demonize a group of people, treat them as second-class human beings, or worse.
Quote:, people who refer to other human beings as "illegals" are not decent humans.
It’s an interesting — and derogatory? — claim that you’re putting out there; I take it you mean I’m not a decent human, because no matter what else I do I refer to such people as ‘illegals’ instead of ‘illegal aliens’ or ‘people who are here illegally’ or whichever term you prefer? If so, then: if you had to guess, what percent of this country would you figure “are not decent humans”?