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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
We don't know this. Martin wasn't prosecuted and didn't have a chance to defend his conduct in court (or in any other fashion). We don't even know that Zimmerman didn't commit a crime -- just that the jury didn't find evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

Sad to me that so many are so quick and willing to assert that a dead child is guilty of criminal behavior, when he's had no chance at all to defend himself.
Gf of Martin claims on the phone he said 'get off get off', meaning Zimmerman on top of Martin, beating him, yet not a single mark on Martin to substantiate this. Gf claims after this, phone went dead while she thought a man was attacking Martin, but does not call police, "assumed he would be ok"?

Martin justifiably pissed, sizes up Zimmerman, thinks he can take him in a fight, doesn't know Zimmerman is armed, doesn't know Florida law, and sadly dies as a result.

If the KKK grand wizard is minding his own business, pumping gas, when someone recognizes him and assaults him for no other reason than who he is, that is a crime. You can be liberal and rational at the same time to get that.

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