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In fairness to British ethnic restaurants, I had a truly amazing meal in Liverpool a few months back at a kind of hybrid Greek/Turkish/Lebanese place not far from the main train station there, by far the best Greek food I had ever eaten anywhere (I grew up in the Western USA, so I didn't get to too many Greek restaurants growing up, although Salt Lake does have a couple of really good ones that I used to eat at a few times a year) until I went to Greece in April.

Of course English Indian ("Curry Spots"?) restaurants, even the low dive places generally make better tasting food than what you can find in most major American cities at any price.

(Surprisingly, there is a handful of very good Indian places here in Krakow, surprising because Polish food is generally light on spices, but these all seem to do pretty good business, although with influx of young blackout alcoholic English tourists here every weekend, maybe they get a lot of business from drunken UK lads who are tired of cabbage rolls and sausage)