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Originally Posted by SanVito View Post
There's now plenty of good mexican's in the UK, but you need to avoid the chains or anything that's been open more than five years. The scene is changing fast.
That's a very provincial comment, and assuming that I'm only mentioning chains.

There might be plenty of good mexicans in SOME parts of the UK. It might be good to tell me where you think that is. They are certainly not plentiful or good yet across the country.

I hope you're not talking about yet another burrito stall (relentlessly flour tortilla, or even just your usual wrap with loaded with rice).

For instance Tripadvisor has the top mexican restaurant in Birmingham rated as Wrapchic. This is a chain, where they put indian food in a wrap. Not mexican food.

Las Iguana's is second, another chain, a big one too, and I'm not even sure what this really is. Claims to be Latin america, and I suspect that's just an excuse to do a bunch of different food. And not very good cocktails, mainly.