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Any atheists here who believe in free will?

I know we've had a bunch of free will posts on here, but I'm specifically interested in hearing from those who don't invoke "and then a miracle happens" as part of the argument. I remember being appalled by Richard Dawkin's comments in an interview wherein he said he believed in free will because "life would be intolerable otherwise" and that the notion of free will "is just an inconsistency we'd have to live with." I was stunned how little he had thought about it, and how much his ideas about free will sounded like the religion he so loathed.

Let's define free will as human action/feelings/thoughts being causally or absolutely determined as opposed to Daniel Dennet's Compatibilism which essentially defines free will as an internal sense of choice.

So are there any atheist Dopers out there who believe in free will who have an argument any better than "because life would be intolerable otherwise?"