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Originally Posted by Snowboarder Bo View Post
The thing about determinism is that it's like Schrödinger's Cat: after any decision is made, it's easy to look back and argue that it was pre-determined. But before the decision is made? Not so much.
True. The argument that one didn't have a free choice to make because it wasn't made is sophistry at best. The question is why and how history happened not that it did. Would anyone direct that question to a lump of uranium and say that the decay of particular atoms was determined because those were the ones that decayed?

Originally Posted by Thudlow Boink View Post
Yeah, I don't think you can prove either free will or determinism. Not scientifically; and philosophically, you can only establish one or the other by starting from premises that are equally unprovable.

Where I think the OP is coming from is that, for many atheists, the premises they start from are those that lead to determinism. He's looking for people whose belief in free will is not compatible with determinism but is compatible with atheism.
Then I'm missing something about the OP. If the universe is fundamentally random down to the quantum level, then there is no determinism. Obviously, that's completely compatible with atheism.