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Some here have said that the human brain is sufficiently complex that free will is possible. Free will, from a Newtonian perspective, would outright violate the laws of physics (let's forget quantum mechanics just for a minute). In order for there to be a decision via free will, some chemical reaction in the brain must have taken place that wouldn't have taken place otherwise. If it was simply reacting according to known laws, then it wasn't free will. I'm talking here about the very genesis of the decision, not the resulting chain of reactions (that may very well follow the laws of nature). But at that moment of free decision, some chemical reaction must have been stopped or started by something that violates the laws of chemistry.

That leaves quantum phenomena. Generally such phenomenum is considered random, but for the sake of argument, let's say it isnt, and that our brain can control it in some way, endowing us with free will. Since you presumably believe in evolution, do you believe that chimpanzees have free will? If so, do you believe it ends somewhere as we get to more primitive organisms? Where would it begin? Somewhere along the line there must have been a genetic mutation that caused free will because you either have it or you don't. That means there is some protein somewhere responsible for free will.

Do any of these possibilities really make sense to you?