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Originally Posted by bordelond View Post
Thought experiment #2:

I make ground beef tacos at home for the family all the time. Sometimes I use a prepackaged spice mix to season the meat. Other times, I'll throw in the onion, garlic, cumin, etc. myself to taste. They're different, spicing it the two different ways, but both good and satisfying. Plenty of flour tortillas (don't do crunchy corn shells a lot), sour cream, lettuce, tomato, and shredded cheese on hand. Sometimes we'll make our own pico de gallo and use that in lieu of other toppings. Sometimes we'll be super-lazy about it, dispense with chopping veggies, and just stuff it with seasoned ground meat and shredded cheese.

Anyway. I find myself living in Paris. Or London. Or any other European capital. And I want to make home tacos pretty much the way I describe above. I've got a pocketful of Euros or pounds or whatever local currency I need. I know where the major grocery stores are, and I am prepared to ask around for the locations of specialty grocers if necessary.

Given those conditions -- what is it that prevents me from making home tacos very similar to what I made back in the U.S.? Assume that ingredient prices aren't an issue -- it's OK if the ground beef costs triple what it costs in the U.S., or if cumin is priced like saffron or something. Would I likely have to make my own tortillas by hand, as opposed to finding decent ones for sale at the grocery?

Thought experiment #3: so I'm in Paris (or European capital of your choice), and I have persevered and done my best with what's available locally, and gone ahead and made some home tacos. I invite a bunch of my local European friends to partake. Would they pretty much universally dislike the tacos because that kind of food is just not familiar to them?
They may already do/have something of the kind, because what you describe is not Mexican food. If I went to a Mexican restaurant in Europe and they served tacos on flour tortillas with lettuce, tomato, and sour cream, I'd have the same poor opinion of Mexican cuisine in Europe as the OP.