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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
I'm an atheist. And I think there's room for free will to exist through a juxtaposition of quantum mechanics and chaos theory (at least as I understand them). Quantum mechanics say that events at a certain scale can occur spontaneously and randomly. And chaos theory says that small scale events can have effects that propagate up to larger scales.
Doesn't free will require some sort of agent that makes those decisions, though? Quantum mechanics and chaos theory may make the outcome uncertain, but it's still not decided by any agent. I don't have free will to turn left instead of right just because an electron is a wave and a particle, and my brain is super complicated.

KidCharlemagne, what I got from Bryan Ekers is that, due to complexities, etc., it looks enough like free will that you may as well treat it as such, not that there were actually any extra-physical forces acting on the brain.