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That's the question that's been bugging me my entire life. The one I go yes and no but still and if; equivocate about and just can't seem to find a satisfying answer to. I'd describe my position as "very probably not, but I really really want to believe it exists, and in any case the strictly deterministic causality systems in play are opaque enough that you might as well act as if we were real people". That is to say, I fundamentally believe humans are meat engines strictly shaped by a combination of nature & nurture, that any "choice" we make is really predetermined from that combination and we only rationalize it as a decision post-factum, and that if an omniscient being knew the exact organization of every bit of matter in the Universe at the moment we were born they could predict the minutest aspect of our lives.
But since no such being exists and I lost my fucking phone again, why won't I just put a beeper on it or something ; then yeah, sure, free will exists for all intents and purposes.

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