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Originally Posted by Exapno Mapcase View Post
I don't believe that's true with regard to QM. If you check the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, you'll see that this is true at best only if "nothing ever interrupts Schrödinger evolution, and the wavefunctions governed by the equation tell the complete physical story," an interpretation hotly disputed by many.

To echo what I said earlier, people are trying to use words to develop new science, instead of using math. This never works.

I see your later posts, which are a wonderful example of using words to create pseudoscientific nonsense. First, you can't ignore QM randomness. Second, the output of a reaction, even given known laws, may be random or non-predictable. Nothing about free will is prevented or forbidden because we must work within the laws of physics. Or have you a solution to the three-body problem in your back pocket you're not telling anyone about? Third, you provide no definition of free will that makes it possible to know if other beings than humans have it. That's because you also have no definition of consciousness, which, as I keep saying, you need before you make any statements about free will. Nothing in your argument makes sense at all.
The three body problem is still deterministic unless the universe is fundamentally random. Even if it is fundamentally random what is the mechanism of choice?