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Originally Posted by SanVito View Post
Well, I spend time every year in Italy, and have never had it with ricotta instead of bechamel.

Honestly, you're all monsters. Monsters.
But where in Italy? In the south, you'll find ricotta variations. This is where the Italian-American versions of lasagna hail from.

Note, for example, the Italian article on lasagna from Wikipedia:

La versione napoletana della ricetta, che in questo caso non contempla utilizzo delle paste all'uovo, prevede tra gli ingredienti: il ragł di pomodoro, i latticini, in particolare Mozzarella o Provola, le polpettine di carne e la Ricotta romana.
Lasagna takes on many different forms. There's versions made with pesto, with hard-boiled eggs, with meatballs, with cheeses other than parmesan (like mozarella and ricotta), with vegetables, etc. It's not all lasagna alla bolognese. (Though that is the most perfect form of lasagna. )

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