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Originally Posted by Akaj View Post
Glory. The Union's 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry (with Matthew Broderick and Denzel Washington) gets mowed down and fails to take the Confederates' Fort Wagner.
I don't know if losing battles in otherwise winning wars really gets at the heart of what the OP was getting at.

I mean, the Alamo was definitely a defeat, but was a heroic last stand in what ended up being a victorious campaign.

Same with Civil War movies told from the Union side- we know how the Battle for Ft. Wagner ended up, but we also know that the Union won and that eventually black troops were accepted into the military, and that even later, were instrumental in gaining equality for all black people.

I kind of think that movies like most of the Vietnam ones or maybe "The Day After" (albeit made for TV) are better examples, where the US loses outright.