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Originally Posted by kenobi 65 View Post
That'd be Rick Nielsen (and that certainly sounds like something he'd say). Ricky Nelson would be Ozzie's kid.
Nice catch.

Yeah - the lighter-gauge string thing was revolutionary at the time - it enabled the Brits to realize how bending could happen. And the strings, coupled with big overdriven Marshall stacks, sounded really thick.

Then the pendulum swung the other direction when Stevie Ray Vaughn came on the scene - he was all Fender amps and heavy, heavy gauged strings.

Both approaches can work - you just have to know what works for you. I can't imagine playing with 8's or 9's like Pagey does - freakin' rubber bands. And yet I love his playing and would say my sound is much closer to his than, say, SRV's. But I get to it via a different route that includes 11's not 9's