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The main gripe with Fox "News" is the way the line between, as Jon Stewart put it, "opinutainment" (i.e. editorializing) and reporting is removed, and opinion and news are smeared together. Accidentally putting a "D" next to the names of disgraced GOP and that sort of thing is not the real problem

Of course an editorial board is supposed to stake out a position; that's expected. What I disagree with is constantly using the editorials to generate stuff which is later reported as news, as Fox does, and making it extremely unclear to the casual viewer whether they're watching actual reporting or rather editorializing. No other major media source does this to anything like the extent Fox "News" does.

The actual, literal "news" component of Fox "News" is only something like 90 minutes per day. But that's not obvious unless you're paying close attention. If the channel were called something like "The Fox Patriot Channel" and the part called Fox News was clearly distinguished from the opinutainment, it wouldn't be so disgusting.

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