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I watch Fox News all day at work, as my desk is next to the TV. As a conservative, I absolutely hate the channel. It's not that they lie. I don't think they do. It's the news items they decide to cover. For example, Obama really did say he was for wealth redistribution, but that was years ago. They amp up any story that says the economy is bad and they downplay anything that says it's doing better.

Second, when they want to say something biased, but they realize it'd be too obvious, they just get a conservative "expert" like Judge Napolitano to say it for them. The anchor 'interviews' them by asking an into question and letting them go on a rant for 3-5 minutes.

The only decent, even-handed person on the station is Shepard Smith. He always hammers Republicans as much as Democrats. Earlier today, he wouldn't let a Romney spokesman stop talking about the 47% comment, no matter how much he wriggled.

So biased? Yes. Liars? No.