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"Spy" with Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham. Ok it's a Melissa McCarthy movie but I thought she was hilarious in Identity Thief. In Spy she is relatively competent and not there for fat jokes and physical comedy. Even though I'm a big Statham fan his role in this movie wasn't as good as I expected. Don't go in expecting logical exposition, but overall I thought it was very funny and would watch it again.

"Seven Psychopaths" It's trying to be Tarantino-esque but mostly failing. It is also a movie within a story within a movie, or something like that. Colin Farrell and Christopher Walken do well in their roles, and Tom Waits even has a farily small but important part. It was good but not as clever or funny as I had expected from the trailer.

"The First Turn-On" A 1983 Kaufman/Troma film, but this is more about sex than weirdness or gore. I had never heard of it, just happened to see it on Amazon Prime. I thought it was an interesting and funny take on the "teens having wild times and sex at camp" genre.