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Saw "Sorority Sex House" on late night cable. It was very strange. It was rated R, made in 2014, direct to video, so I figured, soft core porn. And it had just the sort of storyline you'd expect from softcore. The acting was a little better than you'd expect from softcore, and the actresses were not as attractive as you generally get in softcore but .. there was no porn. No sex scenes! Just a few scenes of the actresses getting naked.

So what this movie wound up being was the plot filler bits that serve to link the sex scenes together in a softcore porn movie, with just bits of female nudity to substitute for the porn. Sort of like teen movies back in the 70s and 80s, you know, before there was Internet porn and cable porn. Except this movie was made in 2014. I have NO idea who the filmmakers thought was gonna watch this movie. At least softcore porn has the porn elements to redeem it. This movie has nothin' ... but it IS a strange little curiousity piece.