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I've recently seen:

The Matrix
Watched it again with my teenage son, who'd never seen it. It held up pretty well - a nifty premise, good-looking cast, great action scenes, goofy/portentous dialogue, style to burn and still-impressive sfx.

Mr. Holmes
Ian McKellen is wonderful as the elderly Sherlock Holmes, retired to beekeeping on the Sussex coast in 1947 and troubled by both his last case and his failing memory.

Good silly fun, with a ridiculous plot mainly set in London. If you like the Despicable Me movies, you'll like this.

Having long heard good things about this Steve Martin/Eddie Murphy sendup of B-movies and talentless people on the Hollywood fringes, I was a little disappointed. It had its moments but not enough to really grab me.

Forbidden Films
A pretty good German documentary about the 40-some Nazi-era films that are still banned from public showings there. The movie includes excerpts from many of them - anti-Semitic, anti-British, anti-Russian and anti-Polish movies, but also innocuous song-and-dance films, an exuberantly over-the-top Luftwaffe adventure, Stuka, and a cast-of-thousands Napoleonic epic released in 1945, just months before V-E Day. The documentary includes several interesting interviews with German film experts and historians, discussing free speech, democracy, the enduring evil these films represent, and the harm they might yet inflict.