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Originally Posted by Elendil's Heir View Post
Thanks. Leon has been on my to-see-someday list for a long time.
If you do, make sure it is the so-called "international version".

The original US cut is nearly a half-hour shorter, and the half-hour that is missing isn't filler [the story goes that when the film was screened for test audiences, they reacted badly to the sexual innuendo - hell, not even "innuendo", it goes beyond that - and violence being associated with a 12 year old, so some of it was cut - I haven't actually seen the cut version, but I can't imagine it was better as a movie. Though in discussion boards I've read discussing the movie, some prefer it.]

I highly recommend the movie - it's a real classic, and it holds up well because of the quality of the acting: all three of the central character's performances are amazing - though the guy playing the evil cop's perfomance is over-the-top to the nth degree, it is awesome to behold - one of the creepiest, most entertaining psychos I've ever seen, he just exudes insanity and menace.