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Saw "Lucy." It is one hell of a stupid movie in terms of its basic concept, and, well ... everything. Still it was a fun ride. Do not let your brain inhibit your ability to enjoy this movie! Don't let the paltry 10 percent of your brain that you use destroy your pleasure by asking such questions as, "Wasn't the basic concept of this movie, that people only use 10 percent of their brains not only debunked many decades ago, but was never even held to be a scientific truth by actual scientists?" and "Wouldn't a real supergenius superhuman be able to handle things a lot less violently?" and "why are Yakuza interested in this drug?" Don't let your 10 percent brain interfere by asking these sorts of questions, just set your brain on one percent, and you'll be fine.

I think the problem was, Luc Besson directed it, and the French have always had a problem distinguishing between SF and childish fantasies. A shame.