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This week a really "deep" film. Clouds of Sils Maria with Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart. (The film Stewart famously won a CÚsar award for.)

Binoche is an actress preparing to play the older woman part in a play where she had the younger woman part in many years earlier. Stewart is her assistant.

Has a sort of complex plot weaving thing: There are parallels between the main movie storyline and the play Binoche is preparing for. Also some connections to real life relation between Binoche and writer/director Assayas as well as to the briefly seen author of the play.

Very dialogue heavy. Usually this works well or not at all. In this case, it started off poorly, got reasonably good after a bit, then continued to seesaw. In particular I noticed that a lot of the dialogue with Stewart didn't click. And since she's in a lot of the movie, oh well. I am quite surprised at the attention she received. OTOH, Binoche was tip-top as she usually is. ChloŰ Grace Moretz has a small role. Didn't really wow me (like she has before) until her last scene ... then big wow.

2 hours long, too many scenes ran on too long, etc. Really needed to tighten up. Not worth the slog all that much.

It also used Pachelbel's Canon. Twice. Good grief.

BTW: In English with small bits in other languages (that were mostly background).