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Originally Posted by Elendil's Heir View Post
I've recently seen:

Mr. Holmes
Ian McKellen is wonderful as the elderly Sherlock Holmes, retired to beekeeping on the Sussex coast in 1947 and troubled by both his last case and his failing memory.

Good silly fun, with a ridiculous plot mainly set in London. If you like the Despicable Me movies, you'll like this.

I just saw Mr. Holmes. There are a lot of pastiches about the ages Holmes in his retired, bee-keeping days. This is the first movie I've seen of it. It was well-made, but I found it to sentimental -- I hate it when people set out to "humanize" Holmes, and this film definitely does so. I was middlin' pleased with it, and was surprised to find that the book it's based on is highly praised.

They definitely did do their homework, though . The story is (as a Holmes fanatic friend of mine would have put it) "completely canonical". It's knowledgeable about the Canon and doesn't contradict it. I was happy to instantly identify an in-joke -- the "Lady in Gray" stops and waits for Holmes at a Taxidermist shop labelked "Ambrose Chapell". If you don't get the reference, re-watch the second Hitchcock version of The Man who Knew Too Much (the Jimmy Stewart/Doris Day version).

Another little in-joke I did NOT catch -- in the Sherlock Holmes film-within-the-film, Holmes is played by Nicholas Rowe, who had played the part in Young Sherlock Holmes thirty years ago. He looks perfect to play SH in his prime now.

Saw Minions, too, and liked it, but didn't love it. Fun film.

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