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Originally Posted by Czarcasm View Post
My citations are thus:
1. My I.Q. has three digits, not two.
2. Reality
3. "Fog in a vacuum"......riiiight
Ok, there's enough for ignore. Reasons are :

1. I don't even consider this an insult. I've taken IQ tests, I know what it is, and you should be able to tell it's above average. If you can't, well, that reveals a failing on your part, not mine. If you call a supermodel ugly, you're just proving that you're blind and they are not going to be hurt. Insults need to have a grain of truth to work.

2. What are you claiming reality about?

3. You do know that fog can be other liquids than water, and some liquids are stable enough to form a fog briefly in vacuum. Did you read Lost Moon by Jim Lovell and Jeffrey Kluger? Of course you didn't. There was a visible fog of liquid oxygen vapor when they blew their oxygen tank.

Anyways even that wouldn't be enough, but you've made meaningless insults about 8 more times in this thread as well. Really, making fun of my eyes? What kind of low brow insult is that?

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