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"Remember Deeply"

After fainting, Doctor Felix fell on his scalpel and just by chance he had cut his neck artery.

Several minutes back, a medical android had been under anesthesia and was operated by the doctor to test a new idea that he had. But when the TAM unit awoke she found a gory scene with Doctor on the floor.

She had already sent an alarm at the sight of the accident, but the testing facility was far from the hospital and late at night. So. she operated and transfused her blood to the doctor. It was part of her programming, but it was also what she wanted to do.

With a hum her biological layer with her brainlets and other biological systems shut down and a massive recording of data that was not likely to be used again was recorded. After a few seconds, her electro/mechanical layer took over. The doctor woke up just then and he knew what to expect already after that hum, but her change of behavior did affect the doctor deeply.


The next day, TAM the medical android, the doctor in bed but out of danger, and Ms. Inclan the head of the research laboratory discussed the tenuous situation.

Miss Inclan was getting angry about what Dr. Felix was asking for.

“You know that restoring the brainlets and the biological interface is impossible now? Ms. Inclan said, “After her biological death that took place saving your life?”

The Doctor said that: “Yes, I know that I would be dead already if it wasn’t for the great efforts of an expert system like her. And that she can be replaced, but I do miss how she reacted before. Now, you think that they don’t have feelings, but I insist that they do. But that is not important know, I think I have the solution to your problem of not being able to reuse the androids after so many of your previous experts failed to do so.”

Next to the doctor what looked at first like a big aquarium turned to be a 3d display and began show the models, the doctor did explain to Ms Inclan the new solution. Ms. Inclan instantly recognized that it was possible thanks to the changes the doctor had applied to the medical unit before the accident, and it was the solution for the waste that it was to not being able to reuse the androids that had “died” before in the line of duty.

Ms Inclan then realized where this was going. “I guess that for the rest of the instructions and processes you want us to ignore your not previously reported condition and to restore your TAM unit, uh?”

“And with the enhancements from your recreational division..” The doctor added.

Ms Inclan, flustered, replied: “I don’t want to know! But I will tell the less prudish head of that division to give you what you want.”