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“Why do you wear those?” the girl asked as she climbed onto Mom’s bed.

“What? These?” Mom tugged at her Spanx.

“Yeah. They don’t look very comfy.”

“You’re right, sweetie, they’re not. But they help Mom hide her belly.” She explained to her daughter.

The daughter lifted her white polo shirt and pinched her belly. “Maybe I need some. I have a belly, too.”

Mom paused a moment while pulling down her Spanx, leaving them bunched up around her hips. She looked at her kindergartener. “Sweetie, you’re beautiful just the way you are.”

“So are you, Mom. I like your squishy belly.” The girl poked her mom’s exposed belly. “It’s snuggly.”

Mom tried to walk the tenuous line between self-love and self-preservation. “Yeah, it is snuggly. But Mom doesn’t always want to feel snuggly.”

She finished removing her Spanx and put on an oversized T-shirt. Her daughter’s eyes looked up at the ceiling, then her mom, then her own belly, then back at the ceiling.

“I like being snuggly,” the girl declared. “I like it when you’re snuggly and when Dad’s snuggly and Grammy’s snuggly.”

“I like being snuggly for you and Daddy, but I don’t like feeling snuggly all the time. Sometimes I want to feel pretty.” As soon as pretty left her mouth, she knew it was the wrong word.

“But you are pretty, Mom!”

“I’m so glad you think that, honey. Thank you.” She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know how to tell her daughter she thought she was fat without her daughter thinking the same thing about her own little body.

“You’re welcome.”

“Now, go change out of your school clothes, and we’ll snuggle for a bit.” She hoped some redirection would save her from this conversation.

The girl jumped down from the bed and bear-hugged Mom. “You’re the prettiest lady I know, Mom,” she whispered. She walked out of the room humming to herself.