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The NRA recently took down its past history of politician ratings:

The NRA gives candidates for office a letter grade indicating how good (or bad) the lawmaker is on gun issues....

Last week, though, the Washington Post reported a change in the NRA’s presentation of its letter grades. Although evaluations for current races are online, past grades -- once available to members -- no longer are. When a Post reporter called the NRA to find out where the past grades had gone, the person who answered the phone said, "I think our enemies were using that."
Silly people; haven't you heard that it's not that easy to make something disappear from the Internet?

One of the most fervent enemies of the NRA is the group Everytown for Gun Safety, an organization that advocates for legislation aimed at reducing gun violence. After our report, Everytown compiled a database of past lawmaker grades — more than 60,000 of them stretching back to 2009 — and, on Wednesday, made them available online.
Sorry, guys; looks like you haven't been able to cut off your enemies', ahem, ammunition.
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