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Originally Posted by Fear Itself View Post
Shouldn't this be in the "positive gun news" thread?

Kid finds free gun at IKEA. Gets to test it out.


I assume that in the 8 hour training class that people are supposed to take before they can walk around public with a gun, they don't actually teach anything about ensuring that your gun actually stays on you. They should really add that tidbit of advice to the students they pump through the CCW classes these days. Especially if you are going to utterly ignore the "no weapons" policy that the private property owner has requested of citizens wishing to come into the premises.

I get the people that refuse to enter a store that has a "no guns" sign, as they are unable to function without their fetish, but to ignore the desires of the private property owners upon which they are imposiung shows a certain mindset that rules just don't apply to them, because they have a gun.