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Originally Posted by cochrane View Post
I've been to Three Rivers a few times. Even got some Pirates autographs one time, including Roberto Clemente (he signed it "Bob"). My dad was friends with the Pirates' third base coach, Frank Oceak. He circulated through the dugout and got the signatures on a scrap of paper. I still have the autographs around someplace. Some good pieces of nostalgia and Pittsburgh sports history you have there.
You might want to dig those up. Verified Clemente autographs fetch a mint. In the hundreds at a minimum and if it's on anything reasonably baseball related up into the thousands. I've wanted a Clemente autograph forever, but just can't justify the money that they ask.

BTW, the seats are awesome. I'd love to buy them, but my wife would murder me. If they were from Forbes, I'd buy them anyway and live my last few moments happily.

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