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Jimmy Carter 10/1/24 former President
Regis Philbin 8/25/31 former talk show host
Mary Berry 3/24/35 British food writer and television presenter
Tommy Chong 5/24/38 dope smoker
Valerie Harper 8/22/39 actress
Clive James 10/7/39 Australian Essayist, poet, broadcaster
Randy Meisner 3/8/46 musician, played with Eagles
Ronnie Wood 6/1/47 was member of Rolling Stones/Faces/Jeff Beck Group
Olivia Newton-John 9/26/48 actress/singer
Linda Nolan 2/23/59 member of the girl group The Nolans
Leah Bracknell 7/12/64 actress
Abby Lee Miller 9/21/66 dance instructor
Paul John Gascoigne 5/27/67 former soccer player
Ralph Nader 2/27/34 attorney, noted involvement in consumer protection, environmentalism & government reform causes
Alan Alda 1/28/36 actor
Warner Wolf 11/11/37 sports anchor

Jimmy Carter
Regis Philbin
Mary Berry
Tommy Chong
Valerie Harper
Clive James
Randy Meisner
Ronnie Wood
Olivia Newton-John
Linda Nolan
Leah Bracknell
Abby Lee Miller
Paul John Gascoigne

Ralph Nader
Alan Alda
Warner Wolf