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I was going to do a "Theme" list this year but my first two celebs were just too compelling. I think Nassar will be killed in prison and Weinstein will take his own life rather than go to prison. I went down the road of tracing some of the 1960's TV stars from my favorite shows so you will see a few of them. I also owe it to some of my remaining picks from previous years just out of respect. I believe this may be the last trip around the sun for Bob Newhart but it will bring me great pain to see him go.

1. Larry Nassar Gymnast Sex abuse
2. Harvey Weinstein
3. Tina Louise - Ginger
4. Dawn Wells - Mary Anne
5. Dwayne Hickman – Dobie Gillis
6. Pat Priest – Marilyn Munster 2
7. Max Baer Jr. - Jethro (Jethrine)
8. Olivia Newton John
9. Henry Kissinger
10. Barbara Walters
11. Bill Cosby
12. Bob Newhart - Dr. Robert Hartley, Professor Proton
13. Jimmy Carter

14. Barbara Eden - Jeannie
15. Julie Newmar – TV Catwoman 1966

clean list

Larry Nassar
Harvey Weinstein
Tina Louise
Dawn Wells
Dwayne Hickman
Pat Priest
Max Baer Jr.
Olivia Newton John
Henry Kissinger
Barbara Walters
Bill Cosby
Bob Newhart
Jimmy Carter

Barbara Eden
Julie Newmar
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