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Originally Posted by Triskadecamus View Post
I don't like beets.
I don't either. My kids for some reason thought that was so funny. They had the notion, at the ages of 5 and 3, that I love all foods (given that I will excitedly ingest almost any food I see, I can understand that). But their logic leapt to If there's a food Dad doesn't like he must really HATE it and "Y'know what, I bet Dad's AFRAID of beets!" "Yeah!" "Let's scare him with a can of beets." "Let's put it under his pillow!" "He'll be too scared to go to sleep!" "He'll wake us up with his screams!"

Many, many nights my pillow went clang!as my head hit it. I controlled myself so's not to wake anyone, but the next morning, I'd come downstairs with the can in a long pair of tongs or wrapped in a blanket, looking very afraid that it might get out before they could put it far, far away...