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HurricaneDitka isn't the only person to slog through the law. I did. Here are some oddities/points of interest:

1.The law is in fact very different from the previous law:

To amend Chapter 2 of Title 1 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to persons and their rights, so as to provide that natural persons include an unborn child; to provide that such unborn children shall be included in certain population based determinations... (bolding mine.)

Note that unborn children will be counted in population-based determinations. I assume all physicians will have to report any pregnancy of over 6 weeks to some state government agency so it can be counted as part of the population. Of course, those women who don't seek medical care until 8 weeks or after will make those numbers impossible to determine.

2. The law DOES allow for abortions before 20 weeks in cases where pregnancies are the result of rape or incest. This seems contradictory. If ALL embryos/fetuses with detectable heartbeats are "natural persons," then why are these embryos/fetuses excluded from that definition?

3. The law does allow exceptions for when the life of the mother is at stake or the fetus is not viable, but not for the cases in which the woman is suicidal. So she can't have an abortion, but if a woman kills herself and therefore the fetus--two natural persons dead--apparently that's preferable to that woman having an abortion.

4. Fathers will pay child support for embryos/fetuses: Section 5 of the bill amends current Georgia law to include embryos/fetuses, though the law restricts such support to
the amount of direct medical and pregnancy related expenses of the
187 mother of the unborn child.
Of course, paternity can't be determined until after birth.

5. Rick Kitchen: Yes.
...relating to income taxes, so as to provide that an unborn child with a detectable human heartbeat is a dependent minor for income tax purposes.
HurricaneDitka, you said you read the law and "haven't found anything yet I object to." I assume that includes the exclusion for rape and incest, even though such embryos/fetuses are not excluded from the definition of "natural persons"?

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