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Originally Posted by Whack-a-Mole View Post
Seems to me "equality of the sexes" would encompass transwomen.

I don't understand what you mean, here. I assume you don't mean that transwomen are a third separate sex that should be equal to the others.

So, assuming that we're talking about two sexes, then of course transwomen would be included and equal to everybody else, but this still wouldn't say if they are men equals to women or women equal to men.

On top of it and more importantly, what you're trying to do here is, again, a true Scotsman fallacy. While it's obvious that not all people who define themselves as feminist, or who are generally considered as feminists support the transwomen right to be considered women, you're trying to interpret definitions of feminism so as to exclude them.

Feminists have historically fought for the rights of women, as they understood "women" to be. Which means that many never even wondered about whether transwomen should be included, and a significant number have openly excluded transwomen. They didn't fight for trans rights, and you can't invent a requirement for being considered a feminist like supporting transwomen, supporting gay people, favoring an universal healthcare system or liking Pepsi more than Coke.
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