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Originally Posted by Magiver View Post
OK, for arguments sake, we ban all guns everywhere. Every single gun is now gone.

How does that prevent a student from killing another?
Warning: Musing ahead.

I used to watch Kids in the Hall when it was on TV, and one of their regular bits was the Head Crusher. Just a weird dude who would hide in bushes and, using a trick of perspective, "crush" people's heads by pinching his fingers.

It occurred to me, at some random point, how frightening it would be for this creepy dude to actually have the superpower of crushing people's heads with his little trick. He's there behind a bush saying "I'm crushing your head!" and people on the sidewalk are dropping dead.

It then occurred to me, WTF is the difference between this dude's "superpower" of killing a person with a pinch of his finger, and just some asshole with a gun?

Back to Magiver, how does it prevent one student from killing another? It takes away their superpowers. They can no longer kill a person with the twitch of a finger, they have to work at it. Killing a person when you don't have a gun is surprisingly difficult. With a gun, literally anyone who can operate a trigger can kill the most badass commando on the planet in the blink of an eye.