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It is currently very widely accepted that women have a right not to share their locker rooms with men, regardless of what you think of it, so there's a need to define who qualifies as either. Defining "I don't want men parading naked in my locker room" as meaning "I don't want people with a dick parading naked in my locker room" or rejecting the idea that someone is allowed to enter the locker room just because he says he should, or saying that 99 women shouldn't feel distressed so that 1 will feel good aren't some absurd and outrageous stances.

Definitely. But who made you king (or rather mind controller) to decide that this woman should stop feeling disturbed or threatened by the presence of a naked dick owner in her locker room as soon as this person says "I identify as a woman" and to dismiss her concerns that the real reason why this person is there and says so might be to check up undressed underage girls and expose himself without consequences?
The people you are talking at don't get it, don't want to get it, won't ever get it, (To quote John Perry Barlow, "You ain't gonna learn what you don't want to know.") because in their fevered imaginations they are Fighting On The Side Of The Angels and in their self-righteous zeal and indignation, they have lined up intellectually with the great thinker George W Bush and say in a firm, resolute voice, (blissfully unaware of the bitter irony) "You are either with us or the terrorists!" to the very people who want to be allies and agree with the vast majority of the positions, but have reservations that millions of others feel in their hearts as well.

But all is not lost, as when they wake up on Tuesday, Nov. 3rd 2020 to see President Donald John Trump re-elected and now free to be unrestrained and liberated to cause more worldwide shittaree than good ol' Charlie Sheen and the ghost of Anita Bryant together on a 3 week bourbon & buttermilk enema bender in the steamy back allyways of Old Saigon, they will have their principles to console them.

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