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Originally Posted by Machinaforce View Post
Unfortunately someone tried that game analogy with me when I struggled briefly with solipsism but it only made things worse. Seeing it as a game just trivializes everything I do. It would still mean that I am living a lie as well. I guess thatís the part that gets me the most, that I am not correct and true and living a lie and all that I thought I knew wasnít even right.
Out of curiosity, what makes a game trivial, in your estimation?

In my estimation a game is trivial because it doesn't have consequences in the larger world I interact with. Getting a ton of in-game gold doesn't pay for lunch, and murdering a bunch of virtual people doesn't get me arrested in real life - and getting arrested in-game can be escaped with a push of a button. That's what makes games trivial - it's that they're inconsequential. (Literally speaking.)

If you can't escape a game, then you would be forced to live with the consequences of your actions in the game. It would cease to be inconsequential. (Literally speaking.)

I posit that it would cease to be trivial as well.