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Originally Posted by Machinaforce View Post
Well because the magic sword argument can’t be remotely true, which makes it easy to dismiss even if someone just said it to me.

Someone saying this world is an illusion is far scarier than a magic sword and seems like it might be true since you have many “advanced practitioners” say that they have realized this through practice. It just seems more believable in a sense, even though it is more like something rooted in personal experience. Even so it makes it harder to say no to them because...I don’t know. Because Buddhism just seems like it knows better and is more scientific than other religions.
Oh, okay. Well, first off, if I tell you that I’m an “advanced practitioner” who realized through practice that his sword is magic — and I line up a couple of other folks who patiently explain to you that they’re “advanced practitioners” who also practiced and realized it was true — will there come a point where you stop dismissing it?

But, more importantly: the rest of what you copy-and-pasted? The bit with the walls and the doors and the food? What’s your reply there? If I ‘realize’ that all of this is illusion, will I still seem to hunger until I seem to eat food that seems delicious? Will walls that now seem to block me still seem to block me then, unless I keep seeming to use what seem to be doors in this here illusion?

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