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Originally Posted by Sleel View Post
From the end of that article:

From the linked study abstract:

(Emphasis mine).

It might be relatively easy to disguise yourself from strangers, but people who know you are much less likely to be fooled.
Depends on the definition of what you mean when you say someone that knows you well. Also depends on how convincing the disguise is.

From that article that you linked that I found interesting,

"Dr Noyes emphasised: “Our models used inexpensive simple disguises and there were no make-up artists involved. If people want to, it’s very easy to change their appearance.”

“Even simple disguise reduces accuracy of human face recognition. Next, we will test how computer face recognition algorithms fare on the same tasks” said Dr Noyes."

And these were just simple disguises. Imagine what the results would've been if they went the extra mile and put more effort in disguising.

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