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Originally Posted by shadowmyst87 View Post
Does anyone think it's possible for one to disguise one's self so that a person, who knows you well, wouldn't recognize you during an interaction? And would it also be possible to have multiple interactions over a sustained period of time with this person without them ever knowing who you really are?
Simply: yes. But it helps if you are out of the context they usually see you in and you are surprising them. I do living-history events. A cousin I have known since she was born, and see often throughout the year, happened to be visiting Williamsburg at the same time I was doing a program there. She had never seen me "in character" and we talked for almost 30 minutes before I started to drop clues so she would catch on. And I've done the same thing with countless friends and coworkers over the years. Get away from your usual region and situation and I think you could almost fool a parent let alone anyone else.