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In the Pacific, Sledge regularly trades off Carbine, Garand, and Thompson. It's just a TV show, but pretty high accuracy it seems.

Okinawa was also later in the war when M1 Carbine production was ramped up considerably. They cost about half as much to produce and if we create a metric for number produced / years produced, they made about 5 carbines for every Garand, despite the much shorter production period. There were also 3 wartime Garand manufacturers, vs. 11 or so for the Carbine.
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Kind of a stinker of a weapon though; feeble cartridge and tended to be jam-prone. Probably ok for someone who rarely had to use it.
It's not too terrible, you gotta be a little forceful. And having used both, I can imagine it being a dream to carry all day, the Garand not so much.