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It's a proto-personal defense weapon (PDW). A bit like the P90, MP7 or subcompact 5.56 carbines. They might be intended for rear area troops but the small size and weight can make them useful for troops that value mobility and wieldiness. If you're doing room/bunker/tunnel clearing or use cramped transportation vehicles, you might want a something that's light and handy but more substantial than a pistol. A carbine would probably have more flexibility than an SMG too while being cheaper and lighter than a Thompson.

As an example, I remember the Peruvian embassy siege in 1996 ending by Peruvian special forces storming the place. I think I saw one of them was carrying a P90; a PDW intended for defense of rear area troops but the Peruvian special forces evidently thought it was suitable for storming in a siege too.

Tl;dr: Yeah, carbines were intended for rear area self-defense but humans will sometimes show innovation when trying to kill each other.