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Originally Posted by obbn View Post
Feeble? The .30 carbine has more energy at 100 yards then a .357 has at the muzzle.
Well, for an infantry weapon it is sort of feeble. 110 grains at under 2,000 fps isn't great. It's not quite 1,000 ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle. Ballistic coefficient is low enough that it's rapidly going to go down from there. Even near the muzzle, I doubt it'd frag when it hits, and I don't know if it appreciably tumbles in flesh. They weren't using soft-point or OTM bullets in WW2. So terminal performance was meh compared to its larger, much faster -'06 brethren. And meh compared to modern 5.56 x 45 loadings which will be around 1,250 ft-lbs of energy, and have much better terminal ballistic performance.

But the M1 carbine beat the snot out of the .45 pistol, Thompson or M3 SMG such people would otherwise be carrying. Ergonomically, it's a fantastically easy gun to shoot well---especially for people who didn't do a lot of shooting. Albeit the mag release and safety locations needed a bit of work, and it anecdotally wasn't the most reliable of semi-auto firearms.