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Balancing sticks.

When I was a kid, I was supposed to sweep our long driveway. But I was really lazy, so I learned to balance the broom on my hand.

These days, I can balance brooms on my feet, hands, elbows, chin, nose, and forehead. I can toss a balanced broom in the air and catch it, still balanced, on the other hand. I can move it from finger to finger, or to and from my face.

If a stick is shorter, about the length of a baseball bat, I can balance it, toss it in the air so it flips, and catch it balanced on the other end. If it's a tree branch with a curve to it, I can make it start spinning atop my hand.

It is the single most useless talent I have, and I'm better at it than just about anyone who doesn't work in the circus.

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