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Guns, guns, and more guns. What can America do to reduce mass shootings?

In Germany virtually nobody has firearms besides law enforcement, and those who do take their guns home can only have a certain amount of ammo. When I found out about this the American in me immediately was triggered so I asked my friend, what if a criminal wants revenge and goes after the cop, or what if a criminal has a gun but nobody else does. To germans, I'm speaking based on my friends experience, gun crimes such as homicides aren't really even a concern. Nobody is thinking about some crazy guy shooting up a church, or worried the kid whos always bullied at school might bring his dads gun to show and tell. Apparently germans don't have gun problems because firearms were regulated for a long time, similar to Japan which historically has regulated the shit out of every weapon, bows, crossbows, swords, etc... hence japan has virtually no gun problems. The last thing on someones mind in these cultures is "does this guy have a gun and is he going to kill me"

So my question is what can America do? Our population is much larger, and we have guns everywhere. So trying to ban guns is basically impossible, or even pass basic regulations such as closing gun show loopholes is difficult. I propose training children how to operate firearms and respect them. Thats the only thing I can see that will help reduce gun violence in america. IIRC we shot pellet guns in ROTC, but there wasn't a specific class on gun training.

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